Thursday, September 30, 2010

Something in the Air

Maybe it was Woodstock, maybe it was the converted barn we were watching the screening in, and most likely it was the amazing film that was Lennonnyc, and maybe the culmination of all the work we'd done to get to this point, but I lost it. cried and cried and became a nuisance to the people next to me. This film was so touching, such an intimate portrayal of a complicated love relationship. Of course they talked about "The Lost Weekend" in LA, and his death, but most of this film was about a man in love and what happened when he lost her. And what happened when he fell into the joys of fatherhood. Looking around the theater and seeing many 50 - 60 somethings (the woman in front of me was playing with the back of her husbands hair, it just struck a cord with me, and how no matter what else is going on in your life, career, success, failure, it sort of means nothing if you don't have someone to share it with.

It was so moving and the director was down to earth and led a great q and a. if this film is any indication of how the rest of the woodstock film festival is gonna go, then i might just have an emotional meltdown.

Hopefully i can hold it together until the end of my screening on Friday.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Houses for Sale?

Getting a little too comfortable in the chalet, and know why people say "hell, let's move to Woodstock". typing at my computer, staring out into the woods, yeah i could get used to this.

Tomorrow the festival starts and things will get hectic. Many films and panels and parties to attend.

Anticipating the screening and excited to see a lot of the cast members. i think there will be some wild cards in the audience as well.

Thanks again to the great sponsors from Manhattan Beer Distributors and Nuvo for helping us out with our party.

Ashewood: How I learned to live in the woods

Arrived at Ashewood, our house in Woodstock last night as the rain and acorns pounded our car, and the dirt road threatened to end us all together.

It's still raining but to be honest, it just makes the experience that much spookier, i mean better.

Currently sitting in the sun room staring out into endless woods and greatly anticipating the festival. We got to check out the Bearsville Theater, and we couldn't be happier with our venue. It's at once modern and cozy at the same time, and is equipped with a bar, if audiences want to loosen up before the screening.

It's time to get your tickets and stop wondering whether you can make it here. You can make it.

get tickets online at or just show up, surprise us, and get 'em when you get here.

Fri 10/1 @ 7:15pm - Bearsville Theater - 291 Tinker St., Woodstock, NY 12498 (premiere)

Sun 10/3 @ 5:30pm - Rosendale Theater - 401 Main St., Rosendale, NY 12401

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We On a World Tour

Russell and I will be doing two radio interviews in the next coming weeks leading up to Woodstock, you can listen live by going to their websites and clicking the "listen now" button:
WKZE on thursday, sept. 23rd at 1:30pm
WDST on Tuesday, sept 27th at 11:30am

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Are we laying down a new track or doing some serious DIY looping?

Melissa and Russell hit the studio for some looping. Were we in the film? No. But keeping with the spirit of independent film, we didn't let a small detail like that stand in the way.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Woodstock Launch Party at Libation

From Left: Shirley Rumierk, Armando Riesco, Producer Melissa B. Miller, and director Russell Costanzo

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The First Review Is In!

Woodstock Film Festival 2010 Preview
Return to the Fantasy Factory
by Jay Blotcher, August 27, 2010

*The Tested (Dir. Russell Costanzo)
Dre (Michael Morris Jr.) attends Manhattan’s Washington Irving High School where he’s trying to stand up to the thugs as much as he covets their brutal power. His mother (the powerful Aunjanue Ellis) remains obsessed by the slaying of her older son. Julian (Armando Riesco), the cop who shot the boy, tries to rebuild his life amid the suffocating guilt. As much an opera as an urban saga, The Tested soars thanks to naturalistic performances from an unknown cast and the nimble touch of its self-assured director.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The After After Party

You've heard of the After, After party... This is the New, New Poster

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Woodstock Schedule

Fri 10/1 @ 7:15pm - Bearsville Theater - 291 Tinker St., Woodstock, NY 12498 (premiere)

Sun 10/3 @ 5:30pm - Rosendale Theater - 401 Main St., Rosendale, NY 12401

Finding the right balance between social issues and straight up entertainment.

Interview with actor Tobias Truvillion