Saturday, January 31, 2009

Test Screenings

Are these a necessary evil or a collaborative way to have a better film? We've had a few of these screenings so far and we can honestly say they help. They help to cloud your mind and confuse you even more. It seems like all the positive comments get lost the second the words hit the air, while the negative ones cling to you like a thick fog and keep you up for days.

The best way to handle all the notes upon notes that you get, is to sift through them and understand that it is okay to disagree with some. You'll soon learn the opinions you value and the ones that seem out of left field.

There is simply no way of knowing which notes are "right" and which are "wrong". It's best to give each one it's fair attention and pay attention to the ones that you get more often. If a certain sentiment is being repeated over and over than it has to be treated with some validity whether you agree with it or not.

We learn so much at each screening we have and have been given the opportunity to see our work from so many different angles, angles we never even saw in the beginning. It truly is collaborative and it helps you to move outside of your comfort zone.

As we gear up for our biggest test screening yet... I can't help but wonder - will we let them eat popcorn?

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