Monday, June 8, 2009

IFP Lab - DAY 1

Much meeting and greeting today and getting a chance to meet the fabulous programmers at ifp and particularly enjoyed the "tell it like it is" attitude of deputy director Amy Dotson and lab leader Gretchen McGowan for her genuine spirit. I have to say, we've had about a half dozen screenings of "The Tested" so far, and they've all been nerve-wrackingly exhaustive (in a good way!) but there's nothing quite like playing in front of a group of fellow filmmakers and IFPers. Luckily we screened early in the day so we were able to relax and digest our lunch properly. Our stuff played well, nice compliments on the film, the writing and the acting. And then we sat in the hot seat while we fielded questions about our goals for the film. We discussed running time, publicity, and music. And the all important festival circuit. But it was particularly nice to have Scott Macaulay tell us he really liked the film. Been reading Filmmaker Magazine for years, and am a daily reader of his blog so that was pretty cool. We ended with a summer camp group photo and are gearing up for Day 2 - the Editing Sessions!

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