Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Those Damn Index Cards

The closer we get to picture locking, the more we start to scrutinize the film. Do we need this scene? How does it move the story along? Is this take the best performance? It's amazing when you think you've addressed the pages and pages of notes, then you say okay, we'll screen it one more time. still more notes. I am of two minds. When you watch your material you get way too close and lose perspective. But sometimes when you know it so well, you can lose yourself in it and find clarity - like those paintings where you can see the rocket ship if you squint. I never saw any damn rocket ships. But the edit process really does start with the index cards. Just the excercise of making them and affixing them to the wall familiarizes you with the story you set out to tell, and it also becomes glaring what scenes can go. We're close, I can feel it, and we're lighter and leaner.

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